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Slurpee Charmer Sets


Grab one of these terp slurpee charmer sets and see what all the hype is about. These slurpee sets have been all over social media. The charmer cone inside the chamber will trap the vapor while the bead inside spins as the cone lifts the vapor escapes  creating a very unique dabbing experience.

  • Charmer Sets Include
  • Charmer Slurper Banger
  • Charmer Cap
  • Charmer Cone
  • Terp Pearl

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We here at the Banger Shop focus on delivering you the best quality and priced quartz bangers and banger accessories available. We carry a full selection of bangers in several different variations from size, thickness, style and angles. Check out our full list of bangers here. We also carry matching directional glass carb caps that you can pair with your bangers from old school style caps to the newer next gen vortex slit caps to spin your terp pearls and beads. For low temp and max flavor consider checking out our line of quartz insert dishes to take your banger to the next level.

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