Buyers Guide : Choosing the perfect Banger for your Dab Rig

Choosing the perfect Banger for your Dab Rig Setup

With so many different styles of bangers out there, which one is the right for for you? Go too big and your setup takes too long to heat up, go too small and the slab doesn’t melt evenly. 

Let’s get it right.

First we need to figure out what size fitting and angle your rig is.

Lets start with the joint fitting size on the rig so we can figure out what size joint your banger needs to be.

If your rig has a female joint (see image below) you will be needing a male jointed banger. If your rig is male jointed then you will need a female banger.

Next we need to determine the angle of your dab rig. If the joint is face straight up, then your will be needing a 90 degree angle banger. If the joint is pointing out and up, then you will need a 45 degree banger.

Now that that’s out of the way let’s get to the good stuff.

What type of rig do you have? Is it a small micro or a larger macro?

– A smaller rig will hold less volume and is meant for smaller micro dabs this may be best suited to handle larger slabs. Certain bangers are more suited for micro seshes like the classic angle top banger as well as the 2mm flat top bangers. 

       You want to stay away from anything that is too thick as these will take a longer time to heat up. These smaller bangers can take the simple style carb caps like a paddle or bubble. You want to stay away from directional carb caps as the excessive airflow can make your slab crawl up the next and wasting your material.

Less is more here.

– A larger rig setup can handle more volume so it has been designed for those larger seshes and needs a more robust banger to synergize the ideal experience. A thicker banger 3mm,4mm and a larger can size like the gavel or a thermal.

The idea is you want to be able to throw more material at the banger without compromising the flavor profile or the experience. The larger surface areas of these bangers will create a bigger heating surface so it will soak up and release the heat more evenly which means less burned spots. These bangers usually will require a directional carb cap to help move the slab around the banger surface.

These larger bangers have more options when it comes to carb caps as they can handle a wider variety of directionals and bubble styles.

Next would be your preference and priorities.

Do you like taking low temp or high temp?

Certain bangers are designed for both high and low temp like the gavel design especially the opaque design which heats up quicker than the clear but holds the heat for longer, thanks to its unique porous surface.

Terp Vacuums and other taller can bangers are designs for more high temp  as they can handle the heat while minimizing the risk of the the slab crawling up the neck.

Thermals and Core Reactors are more geared toward the lower end as they have a wider surface area to promote even heating while shielding the heating surface from the ambient air so the surface stays hot longer. This allows you to stay longer inside that sweet spot low temp range.


So there you have it,  what is your favorite style banger? and why?

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