Terp Slurper Sets : How do they work and how to use them

Why do Terp Slurper Sets Work?

Have you seen these all over your social media feeds? Videos of dancing beads and capsules spinning round and round? If you don’t already know Terp Slurper Sets are all the rage these days. With so many parts involved, it can be a bit confusing so we have broken down the parts and how and why they go together so you can pick the best set for your needs.


Terp Slurper sets consists of the following items.

  1. Terp Slurper Banger Nail

    Terp Slurpers feature a long beak and dish where the air can travel up from. The air flow is design to flow thru the top like a standard banger.

  2. Marble Carb Cap (Solid)

    Solid Marble caps are meant to block the airflow from the top of the banger, this will move air thru the bottom

  3. Marble Valve Cap (Solid)

    The valve marble will float up as the user draws air into the banger, and it will close shut as the vacuum stops.

  4. Terp Capsule Pill

    The Capsule pills will help keep heat distributed more evenly and will even spin inside the vacuum chamber.

  5. Terp Pearl (Optional)

    Terp Pearls help hold up the capsule and act as a secondary heat seak to help keep the temp inside the chamber hot longer.

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