Carb Caps

Carb Caps are essential part of any dabbers toolbox.

Every dab rig needs a banger and every banger needs a carb cap. Carb caps gives you the ability to control airflow going in and out of your banger. The carb cap will help your banger from overheating and there are many different types of carb caps and they offer many different benefits.

Some of the benefits of using a carb cap for your banger include:

Directional Carb Caps (glass in assorted colors)

Directional Carb Caps – these caps usually have a air port on the top and bottom and allow you to channel the airflow and direct it you a specific spot in your banger.

Terp Pearl Carb Caps - perfect for spinning terp pearl beads

Terp Pearl Carb Caps – these carb caps will spin the air inside the banger in a vortex without having to spin the actual carb cap itself. This is a key difference between a directional carb cap and a terp pearl carb cap. If you plan to use terp pearls in your banger setup these are the carb caps you want.

Marble Carb Caps on a terp slurper banger nail
Marble Carb Caps
– These carb caps are just like what they sound like, carb caps shaped like a marble or a ball cap. These are used to completely seal off your banger setup, usually used in bangers that have other air pathways designed in them like the terp slurper.

If you are looking to get the best flavor from your dabs, and the best performance from your banger and dab rig setup make sure you select the correct carb cap for your setup. If you need help picking which would fit your needs check out our article or please reach out to us and we’ll point you in the right direction .