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2mm Flat Top Straight Tubing Quartz Banger 14mm male


• 2mm wall thickness
• flat top
• straight tubbing
• 14mm male
• clear joint

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Classic straight tubbing angled for easier access to the bucket.
The 2mm thick walls will help soak up the heat and release it slowly helping to keep the banger in the hot zone longer.
This style is available in straight tubbing angle only. Male 14mm
The flat top design of this banger allows for more options of carb caps and also helps trap air in the banger longer preventing gas escape.
The clear joint option helps prevent joint lock when your reclaim starts to junk up your joint (It happens to the best of us) The slick design helps release the joint from its fitting. This doesnt mean that the joint won’t be tight and will fall out though so don’t worry about that.


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