Classic Angle Top Quartz Banger

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• 2mm wall thickness
• flat top
• 90 degrees or 45 degrees
• 10mm 14mm 18mm sizes
• clear joint

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This classic club 2mm quartz banger. This is the nail that started the banger trend, this style quickly took over the dabbing industry and became the standard and all the other nail designs have been built off.

Before this innovative design, nails were usually, well shaped more or less like a nail. Your dab would slide off or the vapors would all escape. There were so many draw backs to the standard dome and nail setup. Once this club banger came on the scene everything changed.

The classic club quartz banger cup design means that your dab won’t slide or fall. The vapor can only travel in two directions, either down the inlet tube or out the top.

That’s where the carb cap comes in. With a carb cap on the banger, you don’t have to worry about your precious vapors running off. That means you can focus on getting your banger the optimal vaping temp.
The forward head design lets you keep the heating surface far away from your rig thus avoiding the risk of thermal shock and cracking the glass on your joint. Before the banger design this was a real risk.  The position of the vaping chamber also lets you dab more comfortably. The heated banger is sitting away from your face so when you lean in to dab you aren’t burning your nose or hair.
This club quartz banger is made from crystal quartz which is a superior dabbing material to standard glass nails.

Quartz will stay hotter longer and it won’t crack on you from torching it. This is a much safer way to dab.

Quartz is flavor inert which means it will not alter the taste of your oils like titanium can. You want a super clean tasting dab and quartz is the way to go.

This angle top design is also available in a 4mm option as well.


Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1 × 4 × 6 in
Joint Angle

45 Degree, 90 Degree

Fitting Size

10mm Female, 10mm Male, 14mm Female, 14mm Male, 18mm Female, 18mm Male

outter diameter


wall thickness



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