Round Bottom Quartz Banger 25mm Beveled Gavel


  • Clear Quartz
  • 25mm Diameter
  • 2mm Wall Thickness
  • 4mm Thick Bottom
  • Flat Top
  • Curved Round Bottom (Helps with heat)
  • 90 Degree Angle
  • Clear Joint (Prevents Joint Lock)


This Clear Round Bottom Gavel Quartz Banger features a round curved bottom that will help focus the heat in the middle where the bottom if the thickest. This helps heat up the plate more evenly and faster.

The quartz banger gavel design rocks a wide 25mm diameter bucket that will accept dishes, beads, pills, cores and other inserts. The flat top design makes this banger accept most paddle, bubble, and ball style directional carb caps.  The inner diameter of this gavel banger nail is approx 21mm wide so you will need a carb cap that exceeds that size in diameter for best results. We suggest a bubble or ball style cap as you can ensure a good seal every time.

The clear joint option helps prevent joint lock when your reclaim starts to junk up your joint (It happens to the best of us) The slick design helps release the joint from its fitting. This doesnt mean that the joint won’t be tight and will fall out though so don’t worry about that.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 1 in
Joint Angle

90 Degree

Fitting Size

10mm Male, 14mm Male, 18mm Male

outter diameter


wall thickness



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