Thermochromic Quartz Banger


• 2mm wall thickness
• flat top
• 25mm outter diameter
• CAD Color Frit (Changes color when heated)
• 90 degrees or 45 degrees
• 10mm 14mm 18mm sizes
• clear joint


Thermochromic Flat Top 25mm banger. The improved flat top version of the classic banger, The flat top design allows for a wider options of carb caps and  accessories. The head heats up quickly and keeps that heat away from your piece preventing thermal shock damage to your glass.

The cad frit will change color as it heats up so there is no more guess work on finding that perfect temp. Once you find that sweet spot that suits your dab preference you will have the perfect temp each and every time. The extra thick sleeved walls also help to retain heat like a thermos.


Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1 × 4 × 6 in
Joint Angle

45 Degree, 90 Degree

Fitting Size

10mm Female, 10mm Male, 14mm Female, 14mm Male, 18mm Female, 18mm Male

outter diameter


wall thickness



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